Wedding Photography in Japan

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Beautiful Seasons in Japan


□ Offer Wedding dresses and formal suits


□ Offer Japanese Kimonos


□ Japanese Photographer


□ Japanese Hair & Make-up artist


□ Many Beautiful Locations in Tokyo & Yokohama


□ We speak English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese

□ We take credit cards


□ We had more than 3000 couples being served


□ Experienced and talented Photographers


□ We are trusted & reliable


□ Offer free Transportation for romote shoot locations


□ Can be contacted through Skype for more details (if needed)



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We offer professional Pre-wedding photography in Tokyo and Yokohama. Our service is inclusive of the couple’s attire (wedding/bridal dress, suits and kimonos) and other aesthetics needed to give you a picture-perfect pre-wedding session. We can take you to a myriad of beautiful and captivating locations in Japan

Photo Shooting in beautiful locations in Japan, such as nature, beaches and national parks.
In Japan, each seasons has its own special sceneries and it should be definitely a memorable experience.If you are not familiar with Japanese sights, that’s OK. We have lived in Japan for a long time and can help you out!
If you have any questions, you can contact us through Skype in ENGLISH, CHINESE and SPANISH beforehand.
We only accept one couple a day, so please check our schedule before you book us.





Plan 1. One Costume

(Western Style or Japanese Style)


Total Time: 5 – 6 hrs
(Hair styling and make-ups: 3 hrs, Photography: 2 hrs)
Location:  1
Photos: about 150 – 250
Pricing: ¥148,000 (weekdays), ¥158,000 (weekends)  (+TAX)



Plan 2: Two Costumes

( Western and Japanese Style / 2 Types of Japanese Style)

Total Time: 8 – 9 hrs
(Hair styling, make-ups and hair changes : 5 hrs, Photography: 4 – 5 hrs)
Location: 2
Photos: about 300 – 400
Pricing: ¥208,000 (weekdays), ¥218,000 (weekends)  (+TAX)



Plan 3 : Your Own Dress and Suit

(Hair styling and make-ups included)

Total Time: 4 – 5 hrs
(Hair styling and make-ups: 2 hrs, Photography: 2 hrs)
Location: 1
Photos: about 150 – 250
Pricing: Pricing: ¥98,000 (weekdays), ¥108,000 (weekends)  (+TAX)

Total Time: 8 – 9 hrs
(Hair styling and make-ups: 5 hrs, Photography: 4 hrs)
Location: 1
Photos: about 300 –
Pricing: Pricing: ¥148,000 (weekdays), ¥158,000 (weekends)  (+TAX)





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Photo Shooting in your casual everyday wear. This is a good option if you would like to keep costs down. It is more natural than dresses and good for memory of traveling in Japan. Professional Photographers have their skills to make you look good !!

(The above pricing is only for a location in Tokyo and Yokohama area. If you requests us to shoot outside of Tokyo, an additional fees are needed.)

Please contact us for details.



Total Time: 2-3 hrs
(Hair styling and make-ups: 2 hrs, Photography: 2 hrs)
Location: 1
Photo: 150 – 200
Pricing: ¥58,000 (+TAX)





Photographer :  Daniel JOLAY


Language: Japanese and Spanish

An Official Photographer of Miss International Beauty Pageant.
Photographer Experience: 10 years, took more than 1000 couples

I was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Japan Tokyo and Okinawa.
I think Japan has its beautiful four seasons and each of them has their special color, which will deeply fascinate you for sure.

I highly recommend you to take pre-wedding photography in Tokyo, Japan because we have perfect locations such us natures, beaches and well-organized national parks here.

If you like Japanese culture, wearing Kimono for your pre-wedding photography is an good option! The kimono for wedding is called “Uchikake” and it is unbelievably beautiful and stunning !

We are a team of professionals such as photographers, make-up artists and dress coordinators.
We speak Japanese, English, Chinese and Spanish.

If you need photo shooting in Japan, we are here to help you !!





Please contact us either online, by email and tel. Please tell us your schedule in Japan.

We can arrange the best day and locations for you.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We speak English, Chinese and Spanish.

We can Skype you to provide further information if needed.





2. DEPOSIT OF ¥30,000


A non-refundable deposit of 30,000 yen is required to secure your booking.

We accept credit card and bank transfer is appreciated if you are based in Japan.

The remaining amount is due in yen cash or credit card payment on the day.

Please email us once you complete your payment just in case.






Please select your dress and suits (Western style) or Kimono (Japanese style) in our salon in the morning of the shooting day if you book plan 1 or plan 2. It will take about 1 hour and a half.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to check our collections beforehand so that you will make a quick decision.


(→Check Our Collections)




dan00644. Shooting day


It’s your Shooting day!! Just be relaxed and have fun!!

We are coming as a professional team of a photographer, a make-up artist an assistant and interpreter (if requested).

A accompanied interpreter is optional (+20,000 yen)

We also provide a transportation (usually, a van) for a shooting.  Enjoy !!



5. Download Your Data form Our Link


Your photos are selected from a much larger number after edited.

And then, they are finally available for viewing and download from our private link.

It usually takes 30-40 days.

Thank you for choosing us for your memorial experience.




Feel Free to contact us in either English, Chinese and Spanish.

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